Why A Gel Pack Can Help Inflammation

Sources of inflammation in the body are plentiful. They can appear as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, elbow pain, knee pain or upper and lower leg pain. And this inflammation can be caused by many different things also. It could be a sports injury, a DIY injury, an accident at work or at home or simply through old age or arthritis.gel pack inflammation

Treatment for an inflammation injury can be immediate and also as a recovery treatment over time and at a later stage, and when we talk about treatment it is important to apply the right type of treatment. Hot and cold treatment can be very effective in treating the inflammation of muscles, but you need to ensure that you provide the right treatment at the right time.

The hot and cold gel compression pads supplied by OR8 Wellness are perfect for this kind of muscle injury as they provide a flexibility in methods of treatment. The pads can be both frozen and heated in the microwave so that you can use it at different stages to treat the injury appropriately.

The difference in hot and cold treatment of inflammation

Applying a cold surface to a muscle injury reduces the blood flow and calms the inflammation. Alternatively, applying heat to an inflamed muscle or area of the body, helps the blood flow and increases circulation. This will soothe discomfort and increases muscle flexibility.

So ideally you would apply a frozen gel compression pad to an injury as soon as it happens, this would help to reduce the inflammation immediately and prevent it spreading too much. And then you would use it as a heated pad to aid your recovery at a later stage, to relax the muscles, increase circulation and reduce muscle stiffness. Some sports people even use the heated pad before any activity, this is known as a “warm-up”, quite literally, because it loosens the muscles and prevents possible injury and stiffness later on.

Our hot and cold gel compression pad

The hot and cold gel compression pad is a versatile product in terms of how it treats an injury, but also in that it can be applied to all different body parts. The elastic strap means it can be moved around the body and adjusted for maximum comfort. You can also change its position as discomfort eases, and if you have two areas of inflammation you can swap it around to give each area ten minutes at a time. Or whatever time period suits you best.

So the compression pad is ideal for treating sudden injuries, but also ongoing pains, strains or swelling in any area of the body. The pad is easy to store and easy to use. You can either pop it in the freezer or pop it in the microwave as necessary. Reaction time is fast and effective to give you the most suitable treatment for your injury at the time you need it. So contact OR8 Wellness today and we can make sure you are fully prepared for all eventualities.

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