Our Range Of Orthotic Insoles

Our range of orthotic insoles are specially designed to help treat a variety of foot problems; to correct ailments and provide long-term comfort. But selecting the right item for the condition you have is critical in getting the most out of our products, so you need to consult with our team of dedicated experts. But as an introduction here is a selection of our most popular products to showcase the variety of comfort solutions we can offer.

Comfort fit insole

comfort fit

The comfort fit insole is shorter in length with greater arch support, and is perfect to fit in shoes where there is a little less toe room. Specifically designed for flat, low or fallen arches, this insole provides much needed support to reduce and prevent foot pain and the effects of plantar fasciitis.

Ortho Slim ¾ insole

ortho slim

This is another shorter insole which is perfect for the treatment of pain caused by plantar fasciitis. This insole is narrower, has extra support for the arch of the foot and is good for absorbing shock and impact. The Ortho arch plantar insole is a similar product and acts as an alternative to the Slim ¾ insole. However, it has a special heel cup support designed to ease the pain of plantar fasciitis.

Gel Sport insole

gel sports insole

One of our most popular products is the Gel Sports Insole as it is adaptable to many different activities and is so easy to use. This product absorbs the impact felt by many sports, particularly running and activities such as badminton or squash. The Gel Sports insole is particularly comfortable and also acts to ease the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

¾ deep heel insole

deep heel insole

This insole has a specialist benefit in helping people with flat feet or over-pronating feet. It offers high arch support and is particularly high-density, meaning it is long-lasting and is suitable for overweight people.

Endurance running insole

endurance running insole

Again, this is a very popular insole purely because we are a country of runners, and this product does a great job in maintaining stability and aligning the feet to aid comfort during running. This is an exclusive design for OR8 Wellness and deals with impact very effectively. It also has some flexibility which allows the foot to flex, which is important when running.

Most of our insoles are trim-to-fit so that the insole can be tailored to your feet, and therefore it will provide the ultimate comfort. This is important if you need an insole for a specific purpose or you want an insert for everyday comfort. It is not uncommon for people to use an insert for running, for example, but also to feel the benefit when at home or moving around the house. This is a great tribute to the quality and adaptability of our orthotic insoles, so get in touch and our expert sales staff can help you identify the right insole for you.

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